As with WIFI networks our approach to physical wired infrastructure is all based on reliability and security.  On a new build this process starts with advice on the best physical infrastructure to deliver current and future requirements.  This is then coupled with the right equipment to deliver seamless network connectivity.

Design & Management

Our design philosophy is based on providing the right technical solution to meet a client’s needs.  This involves forward planning to ensure that when the network is built from the ground up there is sufficient capacity to bolt on additional requirements down the line with the minimum of disruption.

Solutions that Work

Alongside network design, specifying the right equipment is critical to the smooth running of a network.  Through our multinational enterprise client base we understand the absolute need for stable guaranted uptime.

With the onset of IP media solutions, our understanding of streamlined networks and quality of service are becoming increasingly important to ensure that critical traffic, such as voice and security camera feeds, within a network are prioritised and bottlenecks do not occur even under the most stressful conditions.


As a truly independent operator we are not tied to any particular provider.  This means we are free to offer the best advice on the appropriate solution or combination of solutions that are appropriate for you.

Typically our solutions would comprise of VSAT/Fleet 77 and 3G.  All our connections are managed via an easy to operate WAN selector, which enables us to accurately prioritise and manage connectivity between owners, guests and crew.

In addition we are able to provide access to our Private Network allowing traffic to be routed securely to anywhere in the world.  All our solutions provide an option to run site to site VPN Connections to offices or other private networks.